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Ice Blended Mango!

This is one of my favourite drinks... Fresh mango blended with ice! I nearly always order it when eating out in Malaysia. Here in Australia, mangoes are summer fruits. They are a bit bigger and redder than Malaysian mangoes, but just as juicy. Now that summer is ending, you can buy mangoes at a cheaper price.

Anyways, I was just writing to show-off (haha!) my homemade mango blend which cured a bit of my homesick-ness. It took longer to make as compared to drinking it, but definitely worth it! Sluuurrppppp.... (Notice my tumblers? They are some of my Boxing Day shopping conquest from Myers... Made the mango blends 5x more yummy! *winks*).


Tie Lee said…
tak sampai pun air ni kat harrison .... :)
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