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My 28th Birthday!

Date: 23 November 2012

Well, it is expected that I write about my New Year 2013 celebration or resolutions, but since I have been procrastinating on sooo many stories, I'll just have to go with my birthday for today's entry. As a child, birthdays are something exciting and a day to look forward to. As you become older (literally!), it is a day you would rather pretend did not exist... Haha... Although I am far from my family and friends, Facebook is a perfect medium for the birthday wishes to reach me, thus pretending that this day did not exist was quite impossible. So here I am, trying to remember how I turned 28 - more than 1 month ago.

Hasben was very enthusiastic to make this day as memorable as possible. He forced me to name a gift, no belated gifts, he said, as it would not be as special. Bless his heart... The truth is, he was fed-up that I could not remember what he got for me last year because I requested to postpone until I found what I wanted - and until now, I still couldn't remember if I even got a 27th birthday present!! (-_-)"

For lunch, Hasben treated me with a special Turkish cuisine at Sofras Restaurant, located in Toowoomba town. We even got a free dessert platter, on the house - it is important you tell the waitress what you are celebrating, you will never know your luck! After lunch, we circled the whole town for an iPad mini - they were mostly out-of-stock due to Christmas being just a month away. Yup, iPad mini - I said no thanks, Hasben said it is Okay - oh well, rezeki jangan ditolak... Woohoohoo! So I am at the moment writing this story using my 1 month-old iPad mini that Hasben bought from Myers. Since then, I have been playing all sorts of games, which I think is just not good for my social life (like I have any - tangan di bahu, mata ke atas: cliche, I know, but this is the trend now for sarcasm, ahaks).

And finally, for dinner, we had a ladybird birthday cake at home with a special birthday song + "guitar playing" by Hasben and Kimi. I really enjoyed getting old after all!


Juli said…
heyy!!papajang dah makin hebat jadik manusia paling sweet atas muka bumi! lucky you laydeh
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