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Kimi's Artwork!

Artistic Expression by a Toddler~

I am sending my 1 and a half year old son to baby's school. He is still upset when saying goodbye in the morning, which I take it positively - he loves his mommy too much! ;-)

What makes my heart melts is when the teacher shows me his colourful doodles, although the teacher told me that he was more interested in placing the caps on the magic markers. I know, from his drawings, you can't really tell if he is the future Picasso, but it is just adorable (I am expected to be bias). One thing is for sure, he won't get the chance to express his creativity at our rented house, no way!

Scribbles and dots - Easter basket decoration...
At home, Kimi can colour his tab - electronically =p


Juli said…
Pandai die kaler molek2
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