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My Simple Dress!

Date: 1 April 2013

Spotlight was having an Easter sale, so it means, time to stock up on some fabrics! I could not wait to try this tutorial: 30 Minutes $6 Dress. Sounds easy and cheap!

So I had my supplies:

$2 clearance T-shirt from K-Mart.

Clearance fabric from Spotlight.

I sew on an elastic band after reading some comments saying that they couldn't wear the dress without bursting the stitches.

And instead of tying the belt, I decided to sew it on because I am not really an accessory-person.

After 3 hours, NOT 30 minutes, the dress was ready! I guess for a first try, it was okay. Hope I can find some cheap T-shirts to be sacrificed next, hehe.

Hasben says it looks like... an apron!!!
Model x cukup syarat.. =p


Juraidah Hashim said…
ok la tu Ju...apron pn apron la
Ju Zie said…
Haha... Cincai sajeeee
Juli said…
Muka ganti emoticon? That is even funny than wearing an apron! Haha
Ju Zie said…
Hahahha.. Mengong la bestir.. Hihihi
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