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Instant Roti Canai!

A Taste of Home in Your Freezer!

Roti canai, originated from India, and now, one of the most must-haves morning, evening, and night time meal for us Malaysians! The mamak stall is our second home and the place-to-be during football seasons. Am I right or am I right?!

So what happens when mamak stalls are yet to set foot in Australia? How can us Malaysians survive such an ordeal? No worries mate (as the Aussies would say)... A mamak somewhere in Malaysia had uli some roti canai, packed them up nicely, frozen them, and shipped them here. All we have to do is visit an Asian grocery store, have a look in the frozen section, and wallah!

Paratha macam canai gak kot... Hehe...
"How was your journey here roti canai? Smooth sailing I hope..." Making small talks.

Now, just place these frozen roti canai in a pan, no need to terpelantingkan them in the air, and serve them with a hot curry and milo panas. Have a loud, heated conversation with some friends, play some footie clips on YouTube, and the atmosphere is just right! Not quite... but that will do for now =)

Just like a pro! 
Now I hope they can send some frozen teh tarik over!


Juli said…
frozeen teh tarik some more?haha.
trafficking cartons of susu pekat will do nicer. pagi ptg malam wit teh tarik fresh
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