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Life as a Marker

Alhamdulillah for a great opportunity for a casual appointment. Being a marker seems easy, with a pay rate of $35/hour. Come exam week - life as you know it is out of order! The house is filled with exam papers everywhere, about 300 papers!!! And the dateline for completion is about a week... Talk about pressure!

Different students have different handwritings, some are easy to read and some are just too wiggly. Not to mention the little notes they left behind:

Just guessing, sorry.
I can't answer this as the question did not provide sufficient info.

And the rude ones: Terrible English, please rephrase the question!

Right now, all I can see when I close my eyes are the answer schemes. It is as though it has been engraved under my eyelids! Good thing is, Awin is here to spend her semester break with me... Extra manpower, yippie for that!

- Blogging on the go!


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