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Buzzy Bee Cupcakes!

Our Last Iftar 2013 Together

Date: 19 July 2013

For over a month, my baby sis Winzie was staying with us, as a maid... Haha, just joking!

On her last day in Toowoomba, we decided to cook for Iftar together. So I made nasi lemak with fried chicken and Winzie made bee cupcakes!

This rarely happens, me cooking for Iftar this year... Hihi...

The next morning, we had our Sahur at 3 AM and off we went to Gold Coast Airport to send her home.

By darling, missing you already!


WinZie said…
It was the best holiday I've ever had. Thanks sis. I love you and I miss you sooo much. Take care of yourself!
Ju Zie said…
Yup.. Come back soooon!
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