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Saddleback Mountain Lookout, NSW

Date: 1 July 2013

We were on our way from Mt Buller to Sydney for MPC2013. We decided not to stop by Canberra and visit Kiama instead. Before reaching the famous Blowhole, we made a detour up Saddleback Mountain.

There were a group of cows crossing the road. This took a couple of minutes wait, they were moving veryyyy slowlyyyy...

We continued up the road and reached the lookout.

Breathtaking view of the towns and farm below. The sea was bright blue (it was really blue that day, not just because I enhanced the picture ;p)

The bumpy hills were adorable~

A couple was sunbathing on the platform and I was sure they were not too keen at our "Wowwweee"s and "Fuiyooo"s...

As we descended down the mountain, look who we met on the roadside... Brown Beauty... Gorgeous!

Off we went to Kiama for the spectacular water jumping that is the Blowhole. Maybe I'll write about it someday... Maybe.. ;-)


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