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Kimi's Handmade Kopiah

Funny how depression can be used as a reason to not do any actual PhD work, whilst a hobby like crocheting and sewing is considered okay ^_^. I guess, to distract oneself from over-thinking, it is best to do something you really enjoy. It works well for me!

My crochet needle was summoned after being in my sewing box for nearly a year. I tried searching for a kopiah tutorial but could not find any. So this was a product of my 'hentam keromo'. Not perfect, but it was a productive tension-releaser.

This little model kept taking off the kopiah and throwing it on the floor... Erkkk...

Wearing his Ninja Turtle PJs - a gift from his much missed Nekma.

A part from the kopiah, I managed to modify my oversized round table cloth - making it smaller, squarish, and added a red border. I know, they don't match, but is it not colour blocking season? I hope this is still in style, ahaks!

Stacks of kuih raya from Malaysia! Priceless!


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