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Lavender Farm, Kingaroy, QLD

Date: 26 August 2013

I love the smell of lavenders! And in Kingaroy, late August is when the flowers bloom! I expected a lavender farm to look like this:


But a 2-hours drive from Toowoomba revealed that it was just a tiny farm with a few rows of lavender bushes.

It was not too disappointing for me because I still had the chance to take some decent pictures. And it was free to enjoy the farm. We only had to pay $5 to pick 50 lavenders, which I didn't participate (typical me).

There was a little foyer for wine tasting I think.

And some shops selling English-y things.

It is a nice feeling being amongst the purple flowers, but not so much with the bees (a lot of them) buzzing as well.

And a word of advice that left me and Mak sniggering ;o)


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