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My First Carrot Cake

During Ramadhan, I was given a bunch of leftover carrots from an Iftar event. Kak Min requested a carrot cake. Hmm.. Cake sayur???

Anyway, I used this recipe from but modified some bits according to the supplies I currently had in my kitchen.

1) Didn't have any golden syrup, replaced it with maple syrup + honey.
2) Didn't use any cinnamon.
3) Too lazy to make the icing.
4) Multiplied all ingredients by 3, to make more cake!

Since I was fasting, I had no clue how it tasted, so I used my personal food critic, Kimi, who seemed to really enjoyed it.

I passed this around to friends at the Islamic Center during Iftar and Alhamdulillah, I did not poisoned anyone! Yeaaah!

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WinZie said…
Is it from the carrots yang we dapat the other day tu? Hihi.
Ju Zie said…
Yes darl.. You were suppose to bake them.. :-)
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