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The Unforgettable Eid

Aaahhh... 2 fun days of eating during Syawal abruptly came to an end. Bleeding during pregnancy is never a good sign. Some sites do mention that there was a 50-50 chance of having a healthy baby in the end but, this actually gave false hope in desperate situations.

Friends are complaining that they can't fit in their pants after successfully trimming down during Ramadhan, but it was the other way round for me... Ironic.

Anyways, it was a blessing to have a little companion during the fasting month - Sahur and Iftar together-gether. Now for some distractions from the emotional roller coaster - which includes online bargain hunting and crocheting. Ahaks!

And look who gets all the benefits - Kimi! I was Gumtree-ing nearly every hour now (Gumtree is the equivalent of

Funny, I was all excited to let Kimi play on his new horsy, and the first thing he did when he saw it was crying and running away from it... (@_@)

Ok... Am picking this up tomorrow!

Too late!!! Someone had already knicked this one... Hmphhh...!

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