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4 X Birthday Partay!

Spring, I Like!

Today is a public holiday and a great day for a combo birthday party. Hasben, Shasha and Hafiz share the same birthday (but different years) while Kimi's is just a day later. We had a makan-makan at Laurel Bank Park and took the opportunity to enjoy the flowers.

Woke up early to bake this cake which magically turned  into a brownie...

Another cake by Kak Ramiza, the pro baker. Hers did not magically turn into anything else.

Made the sign thingy last week. Very unattractive but did not want to miss the current trend. Just wished I was more creative to make the moustache and glasses.

Everybody was being sporting for the photoshoot.

And these are some flower pictures I managed to snap while chasing Kimi half the park! Exhausted!

Spring is the best! Colourful, cheerful and the weather is awesome! Here is the little man now after too much partying (or running):


Juli said…
Masya Allah. Persis org kaya tdo nih
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