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Eid Adha 1434H~

With beloved adopted family ;o)

Our celebration here is simple but nevertheless filled with festivities and ukhuwah! The night before Eid, was not sure what to cook so decided to make serunding. It took a while to dry so I ended up sleeping at 1.30AM.

Eid prayers start at 7AM, the Toowoomba Bowling Club Hall was rented for this purpose.

Kimi was dressed in white jubah Opah bought from Makkah and his new kopiah in the morning, but changed into t-shirt and shorts 2 hours later...

Every year, Eid Adha is celebrated at Kak Zai's house. While I was helping out with chopping carrots, onions, cucumbers etc... (the only thing I am good for), Hasben went to Brother Yahya's farm to help out with slaughtering of the lambs. It was Kimi's aqiqah, Alhamdulillah.

Hasben and the rest of the guys were so excited to ride on Brother Yahya's Australian horse... Hasben boasted about it while eating Nasi Briyani... Hmph!

I was basically eating the whole day, except from 2-4PM - I had a tutorial session (raya pon kerja...).

The kids were enjoying the most, I envy them...

Cool banner from Shasha and E.

Eid Mubarak everyone!


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