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Hodgsonvale Park

Less than 2 weeks from now, we will be celebrating Eid Adha and the little Malaysian community here needs a BBQ picnic to discuss the event - because discussing through WhatsApp is just too mainstream, haha.

So anyway, public BBQ facilities are literally everywhere in Australia. This time around, we lepak-ed at Hodgsonvale, just a few Kilometres outside Toowoomba.

Our typical BBQ picnic will usually be like this:

Men and boys do the cooking.

Women and girls sit on the picnic tables, discussing world events (or the latest Korean drama), and wait for the food to be served. This is the only time when us ladies can be lazy and get away with it :o)

Kids play at the playground.

But with Kimi still in transition phase, from baby to an independent kid, it is quite hard to be alert at all times while stuffing my face. He thinks he is one of the big kids, but at certain time, quite unstable to do all the running and climbing.

When the sun finally sets, it is time to clean up, pack up and go home... With our dirty dishes and extra bloated tummy!


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