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Bald Rock National Park, NSW

Date: 3rd November 2013

Bald Rock is a 3-hours drive from Toowoomba and I have been thinking of visiting it since last year. But I was not sure if it was a suitable trip for an infant. However, it is the largest granite monolith in Australia, which means it is a must-go!

So best buds, Julie Zac and Zayra came to visit on 1st November. Was not sure where to bring them around Toowoomba. Oh well, let's try hiking then!

Sunscreen for everyone!:

At first, I was thinking of bringing Kimi's stroller through the Bungoona Walk. The Summit Direct Walk would be out of the question. A lady who just got down advised that it was not a good idea... And thank God for that... (What was I thinking??!) We had a plate of fried rice each at the picnic table to fuel us with energy!

The best thing was, my 2 year old son was just as excited as the adults. He wanted to walk (or run) on his own and made it to the top!

After walking half way, the view started to become very interesting.

At the top, it is a bit dangerous for toddlers but Kimi seemed a bit scared of the height, which is good :p Anyway, loving the view. Was worth the 2 hours return walk.

On our way down. Nearly there!:


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