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Rocks Riverside Park, Brisbane

Date: 26 October 2013

Hasben had a friendly game of football with other Malaysian students in Brisbane. While they were playing, the ladies and Kimi were exploring DFO Jindalee nearby.

For lunch, we went for a picnic at Rocks Riverside Park, the largest riverfront park in Brisbane.

There were so many people there; families in big group having gatherings and children playing on the many playgrounds.

The Brisbane River:

Kimi had just a little splash in the paddling pool:

One of the many many many playgrounds:

This park is unique as it is built on a former cement quarry. Some of the industrial artefacts on display:

A really huge rusty screw (?):

A slide for transferring the cement (?):

It is a very big park and the weather was warm. I was exhausted after chasing Kimi around the park. Fuhhh ha!


edlidza said…
the scenery was really beautifull!! love it.. ;)
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