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Another Birthday...

... What?!

Date: 23 November 2013

It has been a year since i got the iPad mini? I am no longer 28? (Yes, these are questions rather than statements). Time flies too fast and it is getting scarier. I mean, I have only a year left to say, "I am a lady in my twenties". Alarming, isn't it?

This year, Hasben was ready to celebrate at 11.45PM, although I was less enthusiastic. Being sleepy was no excuse as he still insisted on cake-cutting at 12AM sharp. The Bulgarian chocolate cake was, to be honest, too lovely for my own good.

Supriseeee...~ A really suspiciously healthy birthday gift this year - WiiFit!!! Am I really that obviously fat? Ha ha ha!

We tried the game and the board until 2AM. Even Kimi did not show any signs of being sleepy.

Was up quite late and decided to revisit Cobb's & Co Museum, this time with Shasha and Hana. I thought that Kimi will appreciate it more now that he is 2. The last time we went there, he was only a couple of months old. Hmmm... He was still not really interested with the coaches though.

In the evening, went to ZZ's house warming party, ate yummy nasi ayam and spaghetti. A bonus, I must say! Thanks for all the well wishes and doa!


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