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Night Stroll in Melbourne City

Date: 13 Dec 2013

Hasben had a conference in Melbourne for APFIS. Kimi and I spent most of our time in the hotel room, sleeping. Since tonight was our last night before returning home, we forced ourselves to explore the city and asked Ging to join in.

Parked our car at Collingwood Station and took the train to Filnders St Station.

Crossed the street to Federation Square.

It was a Friday night!

Took some pictures of the Victorian Art Centre tower.

Reached Southbank.

The Yarra River:

Passed by a christmas tree at Southgate:

Ate ice cream at Trampoline. Just to be sure, we asked the girl for vegetarian, non-alcoholic ice cream and she said "All of them". Yummy!

Tried to enter Eureka Tower but it was already closed at 10PM, but was able to buy some souvenirs at the gift shop.

Crossed the pedestrian bridge over Yarra River back to Flinders St Station.

Managed to hop on a train at 11PM. But Hasben was craving for McDonlad's so we had to drive to Brunswick for a Halal McD. He has been dreaming of the McChicken for quite some time now...


Juli said…
ada lagi pose tunjuk2 ezam tu. hihih
Juli said…
ada lagi pose tunjuk2 ezam tu. hihih
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