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The Effect of PhD...

... On Some Really Bad Days.

A whole day at lab can leave you feeling drained at the end of the day. Most of the time, the machine may not work on the first try. This nearly made me cry (drama queen).

Not to mention skipping lunch just so I can complete the whole thing before 3PM, which is the time to hurry home at the speed of light in order to perform Zohor prayer. And this whole time, Hasben was with me at the uni.

"So, what's for lunch?"
"Mmm... Nothing"
So it was M&Ms for me and microwave garlic bread for Hasben. It was his wish to marry someone who can cook like his mom, and my wish to marry someone like Chef Wan - apparently you don't get everything you wish for ;-)

At 5PM, it was time to pick Kimi up from daycare. At uni, I will miss the little tike and remember all the cute things about him but after a long day playing with friends, his moodiness is so incredible that I only have the energy to watch him throw tantrums every 5 minutes, rolling on the floor, screaming for something that I can't understand what. And then, he finally sleeps.

Peace and quiet... But the house is a shipwreck! It's exhausting just looking at the higgledy piggledy stacked dishes and piles of washed laundry on the floor! So I dragged my legs and chose the more critical of the two - dirty dishes are worse. Using the last bit of energy left, the kitchen was rid of unsightly dishes, and now its time to put my feet up for rest and relaxation...

Oh wait, guess who's up and needs a bath and a diaper change?... [>_<]"


Juli said…
Still manage to drop an entry. Looking at myself and my little mess in plate, i' m amused by you!
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