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The Story of the Missing Jeans

This conversation is not what you would expect from a father to his 25 and 27 year old sons. An older sister to a younger sister - happens every time. A mother to her daughters - maybe.

Once upon a time, in a family WhatsApp group:

Dad: Am.. I hv been serchin for this jean of mine for months.. its cfm'd now u hv been using it!!
Am: Pian
Not me
Dad: Serius??? Whos belt is that?
Am: 1st time seeing that in my life
I dont know
Dad: I m gonna nail the owner of that belt
Am: Too ugly to ve my belt
Yan: Just bought it for the function.. Sory to disappoint the both of u My sense of fashion is non existance Hahaha
Dad: Yr choice of fashion isnt my concern.. its my missing jean I m talkin bout
Yan: Haha mak kasi adik da lama dah But i might hve confused that 1 with the 1 mak kasi
Dad: Owrite dek.. u r forgiven this time!!
WinZie: Lolol!
Yan: I need more jeans 😭
Dad: Me too
Yan: Jom shopping jeans bah 😁 Sempena raya china

The jeans that nearly caused a family feud:


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