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Sejadah for Kimi

I used to be so ambitious to become an eco-friendly mom. During my confinement with Kimi, I ventured into this pure-hearted project of making cloth wipes. You might find it somewhere in this blog archive which I won't be linking to as my pass self won't be too proud of my present-not-so-eco-friendly self.

Anyways, nearly 3 years down the road, the cloth wipes are still neatly kept inside the cupboard, clean as a whistle, without any opportunity to wipe poo/pee. I am sure if these wipes can talk, they would be saying, "Thank God!"

As I evaluated the situation, I thought it would be a good idea to make a little sejadah for Kimi by 'quilting' the cloth pieces together.

Very feminine colours... I know...

But since this photo was taken, Kimi had never again pretended to pray on it. He does not seem too interested to copy his dad during prayers like he used to. It is all about running around the house and throwing toys all over the floor. I really hope it is just a phase!

My little khalifa... ;-)


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