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Trip Back Home!

Date: 28.2.2014-10.3.2014

It was really an impromptu decision to book a flight back to KL. JuliZac informed that there was this deal by AirAsia from Gold Coast to KL which got me browsing for plane tickets. In the end, I did not manage to see any great bargains but ended up craving to go back home. At last the decision was made because I could not get Kenny Roger's Chicken out of my mind. I know, that was kind of crazy...

I could not sleep the night before the flight. We had this many close calls of nearly missing the plane, thus 2AM seems like a good idea to start moving from Toowoomba, although our flight was actually at 9AM. We stopped by Banora Point near Coolangatta to buy a Quicksmart Travel Stroller from an ad in Gumtree (Hah! Sempat lagi!) and ended up waiting for nearly 2 hours at the departure hall. I don't care, better early than sorry. My KR Chicken is waiting for me!~

The only way to keep Kimi distracted throughout the plane ride is by giving him the iPad. On the right hand side of the picture is Dusty 1.

In LCCT, we met up with some Toowoomba friends to pass some stuff, got picked up by Mak and Abah with their new car (all shiny and white), ate Nasi Kandar at Kg Pandan, and finally arrived in Ampang, greeted by my super messy store-like old room. No place like home~ So most of my free time in Ampang was actually trying to clean up all unwanted staff in my room, and make it cozy like it used to be...

So to simplify the whole week activities, it was mostly reunion with friends, shop like there is no tomorrow, eat all we can, and spending time with our loved ones...

This was in KLCC where we went shopping for Abah's birthday present.

Other malls visited included: Mid Valley, Sogo, Ampang Point and Spectrum. These were 1/3 of our shopping bags. I really do like shopping in Malaysia more than in Australia.

On 5.3.2014, we were blessed to be able to celebrate Abah's 55th birthday together at 12AM sharp!

And for his birthday dinner Abah treated us at Tahara Restaurant where I just can't have enough of the mango blend!!!

Other great food we managed to consume were Chilli's, sizzling me, Secret Recipe mud cake, McD, Fish Manhattan, Bukit Indah chicken chop and of course, Kenny Roger's! Yummy!!!

Kimi had his first saloon haircut which cost us RM6 (!!!), a bit much I think for a toddler's trim. But in OZ, I think a child's haircut cost around $10, so I will consider this a bargain... Not really...

A priceless moment is when the 4 cousins hung out at Nekma's house, trying out matching outfits, playing toy planes together, and even managed to fit into a tiny inflatable pool all at once! A few days later, Rayyan and Rizq caught the chicken pox and they were quarantined from everybody else. We didn't even had the chance to hug them goodbye :-(

Little sis WinZie was so busy with uni stuff that we did not had much bonding time. Our last goodbye was at UIA Gombak and WOW, I do love the beautiful building design. Very unique!

Anyways, meeting up with all my friends was really great. These are the happy faces I managed to capture within the 10 days:

Then there was the missing flight MH370 on 8.3.2014 which was so bizarre and yet to be found, as I am writing this. So it was the first time that I actually felt paranoid and scared for my next plane ride... Which is in 2 days... We can only pray to God to ease the SAR team in solving this mystery.

Since Mak and Abah did not have to attend Puteri Sarah's wedding because Shamsul Yusof caught the Dengue fever (a random and pathetic way to mention how I have some far out connection to the famous Malaysian director, haha!), we spent whole day Saturday at Ipoh, Perak visiting my sick Opah who was suffering a stroke. The last time I visited her was Raya 2011 when she was very healthy and cheerful. May Allah ease her pain, Amin... This picture was taken in Ipoh at my Pak Cu's new house:

On the final days in Malaysia, Hasben and I treated Mak and Mama to Pandora bracelets each, so they will miss us even more when we leave for Australia again... Hihihi...

And Alhamdulillah for perfect timing, JuliZac had a training in KL on my last day in Malaysia so we were able to squeeze in a short get-together with Zayra a KLCC. During this time, I went to Swatch shop to replace the band on my 14 YO Swatch watch. Instead of getting the plastic one like I always do, I opt for the rubber one, an additional RM50 but was totally worth it as it is super comfy and gorgeous! ( I don't know why I had to write about this but I am still excited about it!!!).

Later that night, I followed JuliZac back to Traders Hotel for a speedy chit chat session that was mostly revolved around MH370 and by 12AM Hasben came to pick me up. Actually, it was supposed to be a sleepover, but guess what, Kimi was not able to sleep without me (sweet but bummer all the same).

The 10 days passed so fast and now it is just a memory. Thank God the flight back was a smooth one and we made it safely home to Toowoomba, with only one thing missing, Kimi's Dusty Plane toy. We had to buy a new one at Target because he was looking all over the house for it...

It was a lovely short trip~


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