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Hello Second Baby!

Kimi will be 3 soon and guess what, he is also a newly-appointed big brother! This time around, Prince Court is not in the picture - being full-time students, we can only afford to attend Toowoomba Base Hospital, a government hospital so this will be a whole new experience for me, not to mention being in a whole different country!

A little park in front of the hospital:

I had my monthly checkup at USQ clinic with Dr. Kay Brumpton, who is amazing by the way. And towards my second trimester, I had monthly visits to the hospital to see the midwives.

This is the waiting area at the Antenatal Clinic:

And that's Kimi climbing over the door of the play gym. Adventurous...!

Being Asian, and smallish (even for an asian), my baby was measuring a bit small than the average Aussie. The doctor was a bit concerned and had me do 3 ultrasounds. Back in Malaysia, ultrasounds were performed during every single monthly check-up, but here, they feel that 1 is good enough, unless there were some concerns with the baby.

This is baby #2 at 4 months:

Another ouchy experience during this pregnancy is the amount of blood test that I had to do. I lost count on how many times I visited the Pathology Department.

I was due on 14/7/2014 but on the 11th, I came in to the birthing suite due to strong contractions. They sent me home - nothing of concern. But during sahur the next day, I experienced the bloody-show which was one of the reasons I was expected back to the birthing suite - they sent me home again with some pain killers (???).

Being induced with Kimi, I had no idea what to expect this time around so at 12 PM, I was sure I had to go to the hospital again because the pain was so unbearable. I was still timing my contractions using an iPhone app and they were 4 minutes apart. With 9cm dilated, I made it to the labour room and was not able to have any medication for pain relief!!! Never in my mind would I expect to have a drug-free labour - I am not one of those natural birth women... So there I was, experiencing each and every pain like nature intended to. The horror is still haunting me till this very second! 2 hours later, after waiting for the water to break, which never happened, the midwife FINALLY decided to break it for me and let me push... And popped came Hafi! (How I wish pop was the right word...).

After shower, they sent me straight to the maternity ward.

I spent 2 nights here and wasn't very tidy. The nurses and caterers were having trouble moving around my bed :p

And all the while laying on my bed, with restricted movements, I watched this little dead cockroach, stuck on the ceiling light.

As for food, I had to declare myself as a vegetarian due to unavailability of halal food. Hmm... I am not sure I like being a vegetarian, the green salad for every meal is a bit too healthy...

However, thank you to Zana and Kak Milin for their lovely efforts of making me some home cooked confinement meals. They were truly lifesavers. And Zana even helped take care of Kimi while Hasben came to visit me in the hospital. As you can see from the picture below, unlike my room in Prince Court, there is no bed for papa bear. He was only allowed there until 10PM, and its just me and baby after that.

Finally, on 14/7/2014, the nurses and doctors were hinting me to go home with words like:
1) You can go home if you're absolutely sure you are ok.
2) There's nothing much we can do for you here except for asking you to drink plenty of water (I had low blood pressure)
3) That's a very good idea! (Once I decided to go home, I know when I am not wanted, haha!)

Goodbye ward! I am coming home...

... With my new little man! ;0) <3


MammaSun said…
Thaniah Jue, ezam dan kimi!!
Cam ner laa pengalaman berpantang sendiri kat tempat orang ek...
semoga sihat2 selalu :)
Ju Zie said…
Tq suna! Pantang dlm keadaan sejuk smp demam2... Huhu...
Juli said…
happy for the new arrival. kimi must be the most excited brotha!
Hihi.. googling Toowoomba hospital.. jumpa blog ju..
Syok kan.. drugs free even sakit gila contraction tu... hihi..
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