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Roti Jala Kerjasama

Ramadhan is here again! Alhamdulillah for the opportunity given to celebrate this blessed month... Being heavily pregnant, I am less enthusiastic about breaking fast at the mosque. This means that I have to cook something nearly everyday or eat whatever leftovers in the fridge - orang malas selalu rugi!

Roti Jala is one of my favourite Malay dish. It is known as 'net pancake' in English. Hasben was very excited to make some since I kept on mentioning about it. So he YouTubed the recipe, made the mixture and pan fried the roti jala, while I folded them (that's it). Our joint venture had yielded some horrific and unfortunate looking roti jala! Which reminded me of our mini popiah project... Hmm... Good old times :0)

At Instagram, I uploaded this, filtered to perfection:

In reality, we had a few undisclosed categories ;p

Ramadhan Mubarak everybody!


Juli said…
I was impressed with the first product in insta until i read this entry. hahahahah
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