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30 and 3 - Mega Celebration!

Date: 9 October 2014

My boy turns 3 today while Hasben is 30 years 1 day old! We were very excited to have a little party for Kimi since he now understands the joy of a birthday party (am guessing from his kids' apps and cartoon shows).

Made a party invitation card for him and asked him to check the mailbox for it.

He ran from the mailbox to the house, his face full of expectation. His reaction when I yelled "SURPRISE!" was priceless ;0)

We had a Baskin Robbins ice cream cake (What? No homemade mommy's cake? This is special indeed!)

The presents were wrapped up nicely... Instead of using pamphlet papers.

Kimi was super excited to unwrap his gifts, and played with them on the spot.

Hasben, not as excited - turning 30 didn't make him smile as wide as on his 25th birthday ;p

Wearing his Mossimo shirt and Lacoste specs.

Served yesterday's Nandos chicken for lunch (Haha!)

Used my Special-Occasion-Teapot from Maxwell and Williams.

There were only the four of us with Mak on FaceTime, but Kimi's excitement had made the atmosphere super fantastic! Sob sob... My baby is growing up so fast...

He truly enjoyed himself and loving everything about the party, even the candles... which he ate. Yes, he was that happy!

Background: Kimi exhausted after too much partaying~


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