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Marble Cake - Rainbow Version

I know what all the healthy-eating-mommies are thinking: Look at all those colours! It's bad, bad, bad!

I must agree but I got the food colourings for free, hand-me-downs from fellow Malaysians. Might as well put them to good use.

I followed the recipe from my favourite site: and was actually impressed with myself for trying a recipe with a difficulty level of "Capable Cooks". I usually go for the "Easy"s.

Hasben and Kimi loved it and this means a lot. As a cook, I admit that I am well below par. I ALWAYS make something that I THOUGHT was superb, only to be met by disappointed eaters.

"I made something special today~ Hurry up everyone, come and grab your mushroom soup/frozen strawberry yogurt/buah melaka/apam balik/mac and cheese/mash potato~ Confirm yummy!" Hasben would shut his eyes and wiggle his shoulders while Kimi would yell and cry "Not tasty!!!"

So in the end, I alone had to finish up the "syok sendiri food". How annoying!


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