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Book: Bad Behaviour

Author: Sheila O'Flanagan

Yeay! I actually did it! Managed to finish this book within 4 days. Never thought I could have my private reading time back. But I must admit, I did rush a few pages, stayed up till 1AM when the boys were sound asleep, and got interrupted more than a couple of times at interesting parts. It did help that this book is an absolute page turner! Bought it from Vinnies: Book + a Corelle plate + Kimi's toy car = $1! What a bargain!

Two very different girls, who were best friends, became enemies when one decided to run away with the other's boyfriend. Darcey was holding a 10 year grudge on Nieve which ruined her other relationships with men but propelled her career. And the story tells how letting go of the past will help Darcy move on. Bad behaviours all around!

Loved how Ms O'Flanagan puts a lot of reference to multiculturalism without being too obvious. She actually had 'nasi himpit' and 'cili sambai' for the wedding menu in the story. And the plot was definitely not too heavy nor too chick lit. My new favourite author! And she's Irish. I love Irish writers.


Juli.Zakaria said…
tgk upates insta terus smangt nk start buku baru dia. hihi
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