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New Year Party!

(Wow...! Tajuk tak sedar diri)

It all started with a foldable table. Have been looking for this piece of furniture for quite some time now. Aldi was having promotions on camping gadgets, and this was advertised:

Note: Our opinion is that it is not very sturdy and we might buy a more expensive one. Eeeekkkk! 

It came with its own bag! And knowing me, anything that comes with a bag is a must have! Yes people, I am a bagaholic, a condition genetically passed on by my mother. And am pretty sure will be inherited by my daughter (if I'm lucky enough to have one).

So to test-drive this table, I have decided to ask some friends over for breakfast. Cooked nasi impit soto for the first time in my whole entire career as a chef (kuang3). The tricky part was that neither Hasben nor I actually remembered how a soto should taste like. Oh well,  the worst that could happen is that no one will come to my next party.

Anyway, it was lovely to catch up with the ladies as you can imagine, being a full time housewife can leave you socially deprived. Love my boys to bits, but mama needs girly time once in a while. And Hasben and the dads were eating and talking like in a kedai mamak in front of the house (with the new table). I bet the neighbours were contemplating on whether to file a complaint or not.

Kiddos had the lawn all to themselves. Toy car,  bikes,  slides,  swings - enough to keep them busy till noon.

By 1 PM, the ladies have had enough. We have covered all topics imaginable - flood, planes,  facebook keyboard warriors, kain batik...  And when the missus say Let's Go, dads' meeting was abruptly adjourned. Ahaks!

Thanks for coming~


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