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The Good Boy!

Today, every time I finished praying, right after giving salam, Kimi would proudly come to me with a big smile and say:

Ibu... Ibu... Look! Kimi no naughty ~~ Kimi real good boy!

And continued what he was doing (playing ipad / watch tv / playing with his cars). At first, I wondered what he was talking about. Then I realised that he was referring to the fact that he did not disturb me while I was praying. He used to hide under my telekung or walk across the sejadah or tried to climb over my shoulders. He felt triumphant that he managed to refrain himself from doing any of this.

Funny... I wonder what was on his mind, "To be 'a real good boy'... Or not? Hmmm..."  


Juli.Zakaria said…
bagus2. nnt mami juli bagi cekelat maha .

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