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Oatmeal Peanut Choc Chunk Cookies!

Oat! I have a bag full of oat, given by Durra before her return to Malaysia. Oat is good for your health... But Hasben doesn't like it. It will take 5 years for me to finish it alone. So I made cinnamon oat porridge English style (strong dislike by all), oat chicken porridge Malay style (Hasben gave up on the third serving), oat cekodok goreng (Hasben loved it but failed to capture Kimi's heart) and finally, oat cookies (with chocolate chips so you know Kimi can't resist). Man, the things you do to please a small family!

Kimi waiting eagerly while I shaped the dough:

In the oven:


I have this much left. What shall I make next? Oat curry with oat roti canai?


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