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Satay Partay!

While everyone else around the world is celebrating Chinese New Year, we too had our own version of 'makan besar'. The dads had this spontaneous plan to make satay and kuah kacang despite the rumours of Cyclone Marcia hitting Toowoomba this weekend.

They stayed up late at Kimi's house preparing the ingredients for the satay, which the Malays call 'cucuk sate'.

The initial plan was to BBQ at Hodgson Vale Park but since it was drizzling, we had the get-together at Iqbal's house instead.

The food was in abundance! There were cookies, lontong, nasi impit, beef/chicken/lamb satay, MKR cheesecake, jellies, beronok or kuih sagu, fruitcake and honeydew.

Naturally, the food proportion exceeded our eating capabilities, which led to lots of leftovers, which is good because everyone had the chance for takeaways, meaning no cooking dinner tonight! (can you see how complicated this sentence is?)

Eat eat eat... 
Dinner is served. Sambung makan kat rumah pulak... 


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