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Crows Nest National Park, Qld.

Date: 7 March 2015

Went for a late afternoon bush walk at Crows Nest NP.

Ok, my pose is gross but this is the only picture with the signboard. 

The walking track to the waterfall was fairly easy for my 3YO, can be a bit long.

We only managed to visit The Cascades as the other 2 swimming spots were a bit tough to reach for Kimi. The creek was filled up with water (yeay!) and this is such a lovely view. During warmer months, the creek is usually dried up.

Less than an hour, we finally reached the waterfall but despite the rainy weather a few days back, the fall was barely there. And we spotted 2 dudes swimming even though warning signs clearly prohibited any swimming at this specific water hole.

Suggested to Hasben that we continue to the lookout of the Valley of Diamonds, which was another 900m. Suggestion rejected! So we turned around and head back to the car park. Which was a good decision, I was getting very tired... Where did my stamina go?!

P/S: Back home in Malaysia, my lil bro Am was getting engaged. Wished I was there :-(


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