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JuZie the Barber!

Amazing how the need to survive forces a person to develop skills they never thought they could master. And in my case, hair-cutting skills, level 1. Malaysian males generally get their hair cut by mamak barbers for RM10 while Australian males get their hair done in saloons for approximately $20 (=RM60!). Me with hijab could not care less about this, unlike facials and massages, which I so terribly miss.

Anyways, I have attended (browsed through) YouTube classes for male hair styling and have been cutting Hasben's hair for 3 years now. We usually do it in front of the house for the neighbours to see... Haha.

Even Kimi gets his hair cut for free... And you can easily tell since his hair is straight, meaning it is pretty hard to hide flaws.

I even tried the Pompadour hairstyle on Hasben, just to be a bit more adventurous. The result was not what I had in mind but it is comparable to Ozil the football star. So yeah, I'm awesome! 

Did you know that plastic bag clips make decent hair clips? They do... 

So now, I don't just cook, bake, clean and sew, I cut hair too. Even I'm surprised! 


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