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Lake Cressbrook, QLD.

Date: 14 March 2015

So Lake Cressbrook is just a few KMs away from Lake Perseverance. As we drove downhill, we could see the beautiful lake, tucked in between the green hills. The visitors' area was divided into two parts: campers and picnickers. The picnic area has a children's playground, toilet and several picnic shades and BBQs.

We erected our sunshade right by the lake and had hot lunch of butter chicken with rice and nuggets.

Setting up our sunshade... 
Afi in the Brica travel bassinet - love it! 
Chef Hasben... 

Loving the calm water and friendly birds flying over in the hopes of sharing our food (not really lucky though).

After a round of football, we packed up and headed home.

And on the same day, my BIL Azlan got engaged, just a week apart from my brother's engagement day. Too bad we couldn't be there with them.


Unknown said…
Beautiful scenery. Worth visiting
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