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Hoot Hoot - Kimi the Owl!

I am not sure if this is a universal problem faced by all parents, but I  have been having this... Mmm... 'Challenge' for nearly every single night since this little boy turned 3...


It takes a minimum of an hour for him to settle down, MINIMUM! Sometimes, Hasben or I (whoever is on bedtime duty) will sleep before he does. And that is when he will creep out of bed, and run around in the dark. Super energetic even at midnight!

We have done all the usual routine: arrange 5 toy cars by his side, tell a bedtime story, pat his back... Only for him to start talking/jumping/kicking etc... I mean, seriously, how do kids in the movies fall asleep before their daddy even finished reading them the book - lies I tell you!

Wait... I think he is actually drifting of to sleep this very moment. Yes yes! *Bliss*

Crazy ranting from a distress mother is over. Now to look at his peaceful face and sigh "Auwww... What an angel..." [^×^]


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