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Kimi's First Tarawih!

Alhamdulillah, Ramadhan, we meet again! Hasben has a new little masjid companion. I was very proud to say goodbye to Hasben and Kimi as they left for Tarawih. My baby boy, all grown up now.

As I try to put Afi to sleep, I heard Hasben pulling up the driveway. It hasn't been more than 30 minutes since they left. "Ju, help me! Kimi shishi in the masjid! At the last tahiyat, he was wiggling wiggling, and the carpet was wet!"

Hasben left for the masjid again, with Kimi standing in front of the door, soaking wet down to his socks. So no sleeping for Afi as I clean up the little Khalifa. I wasn't very cool to be honest, I was nagging the whole time. Ramadhan, the month of patience - I failed my first test, huhu.

Washing up the pee-full clothes with my $10 washing machine. I am going to miss you LG,  with your annoying 'Error' beeping and all...

After taking his shower, I asked him to clean up his toys while I was busy cooking for sahur:

Me: Kimi, clean up your toys now please...! It is so messy!
Kimi: Ibu.. Silent, silent... (wow, when did he learn this new vocabulary?)
Me: Clean up!
Kimi: No thank you Ibu (while playing with the iPad, talking sweetly, changing his strategy thinking he could get away with it).

Oh well,  Ramadhan Mubarak everyone!

Our first sahur: Ikan goreng tepung masak sweet sour. 


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