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Tabletop Mountain, Toowoomba, QLD.

Date: 26 August 2015

Just got back from hiking up Tabletop Mountain, and it wasn't easy. Went with WinZie, leaving the kids with Hasben at home. This has got to be the toughest bushwalking I have ever experienced. Not suitable for my 4 year old son, nor his 1 year old brother!

So this sisterly trip started at 7.30am and it took us an hour to reach the top. My stamina was really bad, I was panting the whole way up.

Parked our car at Tabletop Drive, and was so enthusiastic:

The climb was really steep, even from the very beginning of the track:

About half an hour of hiking, I initially thought we were nearly there:

The awesome view on top of the crest:

Apparently, we only just made it over this 'little' hill:

This is the foot of the actual Tabletop Mountain (long way to go!):

We had to climb over more rocks before finally reaching the top. Had a view of the giant Australian flag at Picnic Point and the highway up Toowoomba Range:

The awesome views of the Great Dividing Range:

We were not as enthusiastic to start our journey down, scary path ahead!

Anyways, good workout girls! ;p


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