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Pyjamas Floor Mat

You know when you have that certain favourite nightgown, you keep wearing it over and over again until it looks so hideous, and your Hasben keeps hinting you to buy a replacement while quoting some ustaz lecture on 'perempuan dengan baju kelawarnya yang satu',  well I have about 5 of those. And I have loads of comfy old pants with loose waist bands that slip off easily when Afi decides to grab on my legs.

I had the blue pants since 10 years back (?!) 

Well anyway, I ignored being sentimental and used these two as fabrics for making over this floor mat that Kak Das gave me. The floor mat had holes on them so I decided to fix it. 

And now it looks cuter. But a bit slippery on the kitchen floor, yikes! 

Kaki kecik merasmikan alas kaki

And another makeover was on a plain maroon cushion cover that was a very old project that I finally completed today. Now it matches my heart cushion (^u^) <3 


Juli.Zakaria said…
That pant was from like errrrrr UTP kan?
Aini Shah said…
Hi, I came across your blog and I enjoyed reading your amazing stories. Interested to collaborate? Email me at I couldn't find your email so I am leaving a comment to u. Hope to hear soon. Thanks! Ps: this is NOT a spam yah haha :)
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