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My Anniversary Baby =D

How time flies. I just can't keep up with my blogging anymore, mainly due to using iPhone 6 as it is near impossible to blog on this device, unlike my previous Samsung Note 4. So now we are entering the second month of 2017... which means my 3rd bundle of joy is about to turn 1 month old!

My pregnancy was not as smooth sailing as the previous 2. The effects of my low blood pressure was really obvious this time around, I could not even fast more than a week during Ramadhan. I had never faced any difficulties in fasting while pregnant before. Even my GP made this comment: I don't know why, but I feel your pregnancy is very long. He should know as he kept on sending me to the pathology for iron studies and a swab test due to an influenza infection.

During my third trimester, 5th December 2016 to be exact, I had my first iron infusion. This was supposed to help boost my iron levels and hopefully, will give me a better chance of not fainting during labour. I did nearly fainted but it wasn't too bad I suppose. Anyways, the nurses had to do about 3 attempts before successfully fixing the needle into my veins. The look on their faces were full of guilt until I explained that I am always facing this problem.

Iron flowing in - feeling a bit like Wolverine (or Ironman).

In my 34th week, I visited the birthing suite because I was a bit worried that I could not feel bub moving much. The baby was finally kicking when they strapped on those belly bands but the nurse detected a steady contraction and had done some tests to ensure that I was not going into early labour. All was good!

My 1 out of 5 visits to the birthing suite!

You would think that being my third experience, I would know how to detect those labour signs. But no, starting at 37 weeks, I started to be anxious and confused. I was so scared of going to the hospital at 9 cm dilated like I did with Afi that any strong contractions sent me straight to the birthing suite - with my bag all packed up! The midwife noted that the baby was very low and I was about 3 cm dilated. So I slept in the hospital for 1 night and noticed that the contractions were gone. My kids were at Kak Min's house because Mak's flight was not due until the 28th of December. 

Kimi waiting for Opah at Gold Coast Airport.

To be honest, it was a bit embarrassing as I made another 2 more trips only to find out that I am still about 2-3 cm dilated. 3 weeks with no progress... drove me nuts! Finally, on the 9th of January, I felt those strong contractions that stopped me from talking. Even so, I was not too sure if I should go the hospital again. But I did, after Maghrib, before taking my dinner. Maybe I thought I might be sent home again so I was not bothered. The birthing suite was full so there was a lot of waiting. I was getting hungry and Hasben requested a sandwich from one of the nurses... This was a life saver because apart from the dates (kurma), they were the only thing to energize me for the whole night! The midwife informed me that I was still 3 cm... OMG! So I waited in the assessment room while the midwife was delivering someone else's baby. Waited and waited and waited.

Hasben napping while I snapped a wefie between contractions which were 5 minutes apart.

At nearly 12am:-
Midwife: You're not going anywhere.
Me: What? Still 3 cm?! So I have to go home or stay in the ward?
Midwife: No, you're 7 cm and you are going to the labour room.

FINALLY! So for the next 3 hours of waiting for my water to break - which never happened, the midwife, her name is Claire, suggested that she breaks it for me. Sure, sure. That speed things up. And at 3.30am, Baby Din was born! On the anniversary of our engagement day 8 years ago, and 3 days after we celebrated our 7th year wedding anniversary. So he is our anniversary baby =)

Baby Din is so tiny, only 2.5 kg. I expected him to be heavier than his brothers because I was so fat! Apparently, I was the only one fat. He was very skinny and was considered underweight therefore had to have his sugar level monitored through a lot of blood tests. So his feet were pricked so many times that they were a bit swollen.

The wounds on his little foot.

Those tiny arms reminds me of BBQ chicken wings ;p

Din even stayed in the special care unit for a few hours and was formula fed through his nose! He had trouble staying awake due to low sugar level and this was worsen by latching problems. My poor baby... Annndddd... again, breastfeeding newborns were always so painful to me, so hello Medela pump. We meet again!

It was very boring in the hospital and I had to be a vegetarian again. This time though, Mak cooked me special confinement food (mainly salmon and anchovies - my favourites!) so I was eating 2 times for lunch and dinner. I may have a problem loosing weight!

The hospital's desserts were awesome!

The last time I was here, the midwives and doctors were hinting me to go home but I wanted to stay longer. This time, I was begging to go home but they wanted me to consider staying a 3rd night to observe Din's breastfeeding progress. In the end, I convinced everyone that I can manage so at about 9 pm on the 11th of January, I was home with my new addition.

As usual, confinement means I am stuck at home, so I need to find something to do! My first sewing project for Din was this baby wrap made from leftover fabrics:

Oh, and since we are now Permanent Residents of Australia, we were entitled for the Midwife Home Visit Service. The midwives were so friendly and I liked having them over. There were a total of 3 visits until Din was 2 weeks old. They weighted him and checked his progress, which Alhamdulillah were all good.

The baby's hearing test was done on the second visit.

To my darling baby Din, hope you will always be safe, healthy and happy, forever in Allah's guidance and protection. May these tiny footprints grow to leave a mark in this world. Love, Ibu S2.



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