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Karipap Again - Also Ugly!

Date: 21 June 2018

Karipap - It has to be one of the most favouritest Malaysian 'kuih' ever. Hasben loves it sooo much - he'll let everybody know (especially the Malaysian ladies) so that maybe, they'll remember to send some karipap over to our house if they ever made them (>u<) . For example, Kak Hani made some for him a couple of years back for his birthday, and most recently, Kak Ija gave a whole plastic bag of frozen karipaps - twice!

Okay, cooking is not my thing. But I had attempted to make karipap in the past and decided to give them another go. Made the filling - no problem, just a bunch of potatoes with curry powder. The dough was a different story. I mean, I mixed the flour + butter + water okay, but just not sure how to make them less sticky, so that I can actually shape them. I was so frustrated that I ended up just chucking them in the oil, regardless of how they looked like, just as long as the filling were completely covered by the dough.

Hasben visited the kitchen, checking on his karipap progress. He wasn't too happy. So, using his hidden talent for solving culinary problems, he patiently mix the dough, roll them into thin layers, and produced better looking karipaps. So apparently, the trick was to kneed the dough - a lot - with patience and a smile.

I was quietly impressed but did not want to look too obvious. He was already praising himself enough, claiming that he was a helpful little boy, always helping his mom make karipaps! Disclaimer: I made the fillers and everyone knows that they are the only thing that matters, haha!

I have eaten most of mine to remove all evidence of crazy-looking karipaps.


Juli.Zakaria said…
hahah lawak!bole bayang ezam praise himself all day until the good looking karipap finished.
Ju Zie said…
@juli.zakaria Memang... muka bangga setiap kali makan, haha!
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